Hundreds attend funeral of child killed by Rabid dog Israeli settler in W. Bank


Hundreds of Palestinian citizens in Jab’a town of Jenin participated on Saturday evening in the funeral of the girl child who died of serious wounds she sustained when a zionist settler ran her over earlier on the same day.

The mourners marched in the funeral procession from Rafidia Hospital in Nablus to Jab’a, the native town of eight-year-old Aseel Abu Aoun, where her relatives bid her a final farewell and buried her in the town’s cemetery.

Several speakers gave speeches during the funeral denouncing the crimes that are committed by rabid dog settlers in the West Bank and demanding an end to the presence of Israeli settlements in their areas.

Aseel Abu Aoun is a new victim of Israel’s settlement presence in the West Bank, one speaker said.

A rabid dog zionist settler on Saturday morning ran over the child on the main road of the West Bank town of al-Jiftlik town in Jericho (Ariha), where a large number of soldiers and settlers live in illegal outposts and settlements built on annexed lands.


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