Hundreds of refugees in Lebanon returning to Syria

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have left the Lebanese border town of Arsal to return home, as part of a coordinated operation between authorities in Beirut and Damascus.

As fighting fronts in some parts of Syria have died down, Lebanese authorities have become increasingly insistent on returns, more of which are expected in the coming weeks.

Arsal hosts some 36,000 displaced Syrians, according to the United Nations refugee agency, many of them from Syrian villages just across the border.

Around 370 left Arsal on Thursday afternoon for Syrian territory under an agreement reached between Lebanon’s General Security and Syrian authorities, said the Lebanese National News Agency.

Women and young children could be seen climbing into cars, tractors, and covered lorries in the dusty suburb of Wadi Hmeid just outside Arsal.

The vehicles were piled high with personal belongings — mattresses, plastic containers, and even furniture.

(Source: Reuters)

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