Hunger strikers stop to take vitamins from Slaughterer Israeli jailers

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners said the hunger strikers in Zionist Slaughterer Israeli jails started on Wednesday to refrain from taking vitamins sent by their jail administrations as one of the escalatory steps.

The center stated in a press release yesterday that the health status of hunger strikers, especially prisoners Jamal Abul-Heija and Mohamed Arman, is extremely bad.

For his part, Palestinian lawyer Jamal Al-Khatib said five of the hunger strikers in the hospital of Ramla jail stopped on Tuesday to take medical fluids until their demands are met.

Khatib added that the hunger strikers in Ramla hospital escalated their protest steps by refusing to take any fluids, except for water, or receive medical tests, although they entered a life-threatening stage.

In a related context, member of the hunger strike committee Mahmoud Shreiteh affirmed on Wednesday that the captive movement is determined not to break their hunger strike until all their just demands are fulfilled.

In a leaked letter, prisoner Shreiteh said his transfer from one jail to another boosted his resolution to resist his jailers until the Palestinian prisoners restore their rights fully.

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