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“I only saw goodness in him”

After performing the funeral prayer for the diligent, religious scholar Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Muhammadi Rey Shahri on March 23, 2022, Imam Khamenei described this scholar as being a benevolent person who served the people. The Leader also stated that Rey Shahri was always a source of blessings for the Islamic Revolution in the various responsibilities and positions that he held.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “I only have good memories of Mr. Rey Shahri.” He also said, “The only thing I saw in him was goodness, his serving the people, and his goodwill.” Referring to his first meeting with Mr. Rey Shahri in prison during the Pahlavi Regime, Imam Khamenei explained, “The first time I saw him was there. Then after the Revolution, when he served as a Minister, when he was a judge and when he held various positions, we saw each other frequently. He was truly always a source of blessings.”

In referring to his weekly visits with Mr. Rey Shahri during the time that diligent scholar was serving as the Minister of Intelligence, Imam Khamenei stated, “I really enjoyed sitting and speaking with him since, praise God, he was on the right path, was doing what was right, and was enthusiastic and spiritual…”

At the end, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution asked for God’s forgiveness for this religious scholar and asked God, the Exalted, to raise him in the next world with Prophet Muhammad and his Household (pbut).

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