Imam Ali Khamenei: Resistance Only Way out of Enemies Calamities


Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the resistance is the only way to survive the large Muslim community of the calamities that afflicts it.Imam Khamenei

In his annual message to Hajj pilgrims on Monday, Imam Khamenei described the Hajj pilgrimage as an ideal opportunity for the Islamic Ummah to remedy most of its problems.

“More than anything else, the Islamic Ummah needs individuals who can utilize thoughts and actions as well as faith, sincerity and purity, who can show resistance in the face of the spiteful enemies as well as exercising self-purification and piety,” the Leader said. This is the only way for the liberation of the great Muslim community from the problems which have been created, either by the enemy, or as a result of the lack of determination, faith and foresight among Muslims, Sayyed Khamenei added.

He pointed out that the main enemy is the global arrogance front, and the criminal Zionist network. “Takfiri groups that are committing heinous crimes and shedding the blood of Muslims as well as innocent people are supported by Zionists and their Western allies,” His eminence said.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the enemies that do not countenance the “glory and awakening” of the Islamic community are resorting to whatever military, psychological, economic and propaganda means available to them to suppress Muslims.

Ayatollah Khamenei said fanning the flames of discord among Muslims as well as the desecration of the sanctities of other Islamic groups or excommunicating any of the Islamic sects is religiously unlawful.

“Taking a general look at the conditions of West Asian countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and countries surrounding the Persian Gulf, and North African countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and a number of other countries- reveals many truths. The existence of civil wars, religious and denominational prejudices and political instabilities, the prevalence of cruel terrorism, the emergence of extreme groups and orientations- which like savage tribes in history, cut open the chests of human beings and rip their hearts out with their teeth- the emergence of armed mercenaries who kill women and children, cut off the heads of men and rape women and who do such horrible and disgusting crimes in the name of religion are all the products of the satanic and arrogant plots of foreign intelligence services and their regional agents,” His eminence said.

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