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Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s Top Military Aide: Regional Developments Benefiting Iran


Top Military Aide to the Leader of Islamic Ummah Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi underlined that the developments in the region are all moving in Iran’s interest.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution “is now in a strategic position and the complicated regional issues are moving ahead in Iran’s interest and are increasing the country’s political and geopolitical weight”, Safavi said, addressing a forum in Alborz province, near Tehran, on Sunday.

He underlined the necessity for the Iranian people and government to keep vigilant about the events occurring in the regional states.

In relevant remarks in February, Rahim Safavi underlined Iran’s regional influence and power, and said Tehran was the winner of the two recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The influence, power and clout of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has gone beyond the borders today and it has been able to change the regional and international equations,” Rahim Safavi said, addressing the defense ministry personnel in Tehran.

He referred to the two recent foreign invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and said, “The winner of these two wars was Iran because two big enemies of Iran, that is the Taliban and Saddam, were annihilated by the US and Iran’s geopolitical weight increased.”

Rahim Safavi also pointed to the recent developments in the region, and said the US and its allies have been attempting to overthrow Bashar Assad’s government for the last four years, but the Iran-Russia alliance prevented them from gaining victory.

Also the so-called US-led anti-ISIL coalition doesn’t enjoy enough power to confront the terrorist group and “this is Iran’s advice and recommendations to the Iraqi government which have helped the Arab country’s popular forces fight against the ISIL”, he added.

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