‘Importance of mosques in World of Islam, highly tangible’

85759a4b2f1672268a3e0db770dd078f_LIran’s Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, has pointed out that the importance and significance of mosques in Islamic countries is highly tangible and vividly evident because experience has shown that mosques are the key solution to the problems of the World of Islam.

According to IRIB World Service, the Majlis speaker made these remarks in an address to the 11th round of meetings, marking the International Mosque Day, which was convened in Tehran, today (Wednesday).
In further remarks, Larijani underscored that Mosques have been the bases for development of the Islamic civilization in the course of history. They also play a prominent role in today’s era and the politicians cannot refute the paramount importance of mosques.
He added that it is due to this fact that the enemies of sacred religion of Islam and the dictators, linked to the foes of Islam, try to somehow obstruct the promotion of Islamic inclinations in the community and destroy mosques, as we have seen in Bahrain.
He underscored that on this blasphemous path, the terrorists that destroy mosques are hand in gloves with the West’s spying agencies.
The 11th round of meetings, marking the International Mosque Day, started in Tehran, today (Wednesday).

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