In strategic move, Syrian Army reinforcements deploy along important highway

 The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its mass deployment in the western countryside of Al-Hasakah, as their troops reinforced its points along the strategic Hasakah-Aleppo International Highway.

The Syrian Army expanded its deployment by entering new points and installing checkpoints and posts in a number of villages and towns in the western countryside of Al-Hasakah this week.

The entry of the army in several areas west of Tal Tamr comes a week after the Turkish-backed militants attempted to expand their presence inside this district south of the border.

The silos area they first took is an important point of entry and a strategic step for the army’s progress as it oversees large areas of the international road and thus allows the ability to protect them, which reflects positively on the ease of movement after completing the progress towards villages and areas on the international road and the opening of a range of roads parallel to the international road through Entry into the villages of Al-Kozleya, Tal Al-Laban and Umm Al-Khair to the silos area.

Army units have reinforced their presence in the vicinity of the silos, established a number of advanced points and established points in the village of Souissa in the southwest and east of the silos and in the village of Angudia in the west.

In statements to SANA, the members of the Syrian Army from the silos area asserted their determination to continue progress until all lands are restored and cleared to restore security and stability and help the people to return to their homes and villages which were displaced by the Turkish military’s operation.

The villagers welcomed the entry of army units to the area, as this is as seen as a protective gesture against the Turkish-backed militants that are on the opposite side of the front-lines.

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