Indefinite cease-fire Israel’s biggest defeat

Indefinite cease-fire Israel’s biggest defeat

Zionist regime’s opening of crossings on its border to allow humanitarian aid and construction materials to enter Gaza, as well as extending the fishing zone to six miles off the coast of Gaza, indicates that the Hamas has not only defeated Israel militarily through resistance but also inflicted a heavy political defeat.

The decision is based on terms of the truce deal, brokered by the Egyptian government, Iran Daily reported.

The Zionist regime of Israel had to raise the white flag after 50 days of aggression on the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who wished to destroy Palestinian resistance movement Hamas within a short time, suffered what many see as the biggest defeat in six decades by accepting the ceasefire, highlighted the daily.

Israel’s military might was by far more than that of Hamas’ as it used state-of-the-art military equipment but failed to attain its main objective which was the destruction or disarmament of the resistance group.

The victory was achieved due to the resistance of the Palestinians in Gaza. Now Israel is on the decline and Netanyahu might pay a heavy price for the open-ended cease-fire and it might be even cost him the premiership.

The war also paralyzed the economy and caused the cancelation of flights to Ben Gurion International Airport. It’s estimated that the war cost Israel some $10b which is heavy for the Israeli army, concluded the daily.

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