Indo-Arab Solidarity Council Affirms Support for Syria

The Indo-Arab Solidarity Council voiced its support for Syria’s leadership and people in their battle against terrorism, lauding the stances of Russia and China and their efforts to prevent interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

This came during a special meeting of the Council held in the Indian capital New Delhi on Saturday, attended by representatives of Indian political parties, international organizations, law organizations and academics, in addition to Syria’s ambassador in India Riyad Abbas as a guest of honor.

In a speech, Chairman of the Council Prof. Bhim Singh lauded Syrian-Indian relations and Syria’s honorable stances in defending its right and Arab causes, primarily the Palestinian cause, voicing support for Syria’s leadership and people in the face of US-Israeli plots.

Singh called on the Indian Prime Minister to increase efforts within the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and take initiative to launch a peaceful process in the Middle East to prevent interference in Syria’s affairs and ensure adherence to the UN Charter, adding that Syria is the only democratic secular country in the Middle East.

Singh denounced the Turkish government’s act of aerial piracy against the Syrian civilian plane, saying that it constitutes a blatant violation of international aviation rules and good neighborly relations.

He also called the UN to implement its decisions no. 242 and no. 338 and affect the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from forces from all the occupied Arab lands, including Jerusalem.

For his part, Suresh Thakur, Chairman of Aapka Faisla Parkashan Ltd media group, voiced support for Syria in the face of any foreign interference.

Similarly, Prof. Maulana Shammi Tehrani, who heads NGOs, lauded Syria’s honorable stances across history, saying that Syria is the center of Arabism which is why Washington and Israel are targeting it.

Tehrani also denounces some the support by some Arab countries – like Saudi Arabia and Qatar –for the US-Israeli plots against Arab and Islamic countries.

In turn, Director of the Institute of UN & UNESCO Studies Prof. S.H. Bhakri voiced solidarity with Syria against the attack against it, noting that this stance is in accordance with the UN Charter, international decisions on peaceful coexistence, and efforts for achieving global security and stability.

For his part, Ambassador Abbas gave a presentation on the reality of the situation in Syria and the universal war against it, affirming that Syria will remain steadfast and will emerge victorious thanks to the awareness of the Syrian people and their rallying around their leadership.

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