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Indonesia hosts Muslim unity summit

Indonesia hosts Muslim unity summit
At the efforts of the Cultural Council of Iran Embassy in Jakarta, Islamic unity summit was held at the Organization of Nehzat-ol-Ulima.
The meeting was a joint effort of Iranian embassy cultural council and the Youths Branch in the Islamic Organization of Nehzat-ol-Ulima, the greatest Islamic organization in Indonesia to discuss the theme of “Our Islam, the Commonality of Shia and Sunni”, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

During this meeting, a book under the same title, which was another joint effort of the cultural council of Iran embassy and the Association of Moderate Indonesian Muslims, was also unveiled.

Zahir Masravi, head of the Moderate Muslims Association of Indonesia and translator of the book on “Our Islam, Commonality of Shia and Sunni” referred to his acquaintance with Shia Islam during his studies in Al Azhar, Egypt, and said,” Politics is the factor that has breached Shia and Sunni throughout history.” And added,” Involvement of Indonesian Muslims in the discussions of Shia Sunni differences inspired me to translate a book by Arab authors in order to alleviate the misunderstandings between these two Islamic denominations.”

Mahmoud Farazandeh, Iran ambassador in Indonesia in his speech said all religions are aimed at transcending the spiritual promotion of people and a better understanding of the world.

He called Islam as the last message and the divine religion based on love with the message of love for the creator and creatures at its core.

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