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Inhuman Israeli forces kill A Palestinian young man in Nablus


A 24-year old Palestinian man, Sari Mohammad Abu Gharab, was killed on Wednesday by Israeli troops near Nablus, just two months before he was scheduled to be married.

The Palestinian was shot to death by numerous rounds after allegedly exiting a vehicle that was being chased by an Israeli military vehicle and trying to stab an Israeli soldier.

But photos from the scene show Abu Gharab still seated in the vehicle – not outside the vehicle as Israeli forces claimed.

According to the Electronic Intifada website, “Photos from the scene apparently show Abu Ghurab’s body still seated in the car which he was driving, and soldiers evacuating his body from the vehicle, appear to contradict the army’s account that Abu Ghurab exited the car before he was shot dead”.

The killing was criticized by Palestinian sources because of its extrajudicial nature.

219 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since last October – most of them killed via extrajudicial assassination, with no charges or trial, in direct violation of international law.

Abu Ghurab was from the village of Qabatia, in the northern West Bank near Jenin.

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