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Intelligence Min. find clues on perpetrators of terror attack

Iranian Intelligence Ministry found clues on perpetrators behind assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist ‘Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’.

Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Intelligence in an announcement declared that intelligence forces of the ministry have obtained clues behind perpetrators of assassination of outstanding Iranian nuclear and defense scientist ‘Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’.

The text of the announcement is read as follows,

While expressing condolences on the martyrdom of Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who took great strides in the field of science, technology and defense industry, this is to inform that with the measures taken, intelligence forces of the Ministry of Intelligence have obtained clues from perpetrators of this heinous terrorist attack.

Complementary and additional information will be announced to the attention of noble people of the country subsequently.

Fakhrizadeh was targeted on Friday in a multi-pronged attack involving at least one explosion and small fire by a number of assailants in Absard city of Damavand County, Tehran province.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense, the prominent physicist, who headed its Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND), was sent to hospital immediately but was martyred due to the wounds he had sustained in the terrorist assault.

During the conflict, the security team protecting Iranian scientist were also injured and transferred to hospital.

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