Intense Fighting Underway over Aleppo’s Tal Rifat



The Kurdish fighters, backed by Russian fighter jets, are currently engaged in intense clashes with the terrorist groups at the Western entrance of the strategic town of Tal Rifat town in the Northern part of Aleppo province.

The Kurdish fighters have made remarkable advances in Tal Rifat and they have already captured many buildings at the Western entrance.

Earlier today, battlefield sources announced that Kurdish fighters were only 100 meters away from Tal Rifat’s Western entrance.

“The Kurdish fighters have only one hundred of meters to access the Western gate of Tal Rifat,” the sources said.

“A heavy battle is now underway near Tal Rifat and its surroundings,” they further added.

“The militant groups have been surprised by the rapid offensive of the Kurdish fighters and have been pinned down behind their defense lines,” the sources said.

“The Russian warplanes carried out several combat sorties over the militants’ position in the around the town and destroyed their defense lines,” they went on to say.

A report said on Saturday that Turkey’s army shelled Kurdish People’s Protection Units positions near the city of Azaz in Northwestern Syria.

Turkish forces started shelling an airbase and a village, recently captured by Kurds, in Aleppo province in Syria.

A Kurdish official confirmed that the shelling targeted the Minaq air base located South of Azaz in Aleppo province.

“Turkish forces started shelling People’s Protection Units’ positions on the territory of the Minaq airbase,” a YPG spokesperson told the Arabic-language TV channel, Al-Mayadeen on Saturday.

Meantime, several terrorists of the al-Nusra Front, including their notorious commander Abdulsalam al-Saan, were killed in the Syrian warplanes’ strike on Tal Rifat.

Nusra Front’s site sustained major damage in the air raid.

Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian army continued its advances in Aleppo by seizing back a key village in the Northern province.

The army units took full control of Jubb al-Waqe’a village in al-Mohatta al-Harariyah to the South of al-Afash town in the Eastern part of Aleppo province.

A large number of militants were killed and wounded in tough battle with the Syrian army and popular forces.

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