Int’l Confab in Iran Condemns Unilateral Sanctions


Participants in an international seminar in Tehran on ‘the Negative Impacts of Economic and Financial Sanctions on Human Rights’ underlined in a final statement that unilateral embargos against countries are blatant instances of human rights violation. “Any type of restriction on economic deals is illegal and a violation of human rights which should be rejected. Also any unilateral move for sanctioning countries or nations means the violation of human rights,” the statement said on Tuesday.

“Any comprehensive sanction and interference in trade, financial and economic issues and relations between countries will lead to a decrease in the revenues, violate human rights and affect the (nations’) other rights like the right of living, education and development,” it added.

The statement underscored that the international community is responsible for defending the rights of all states, adding that if any country is threatened, the international community will be responsible.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iranian Vice-President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh lashed out at the West’s unilateral sanctions against Iran, calling the western embargos as an international crime that threatens global security.

“The comprehensive sanctions which are of coercive, unilateral and international type can be regarded as an international crime in view of their vast destructive and inhumane impacts,” Aminzadeh said, addressing the same seminar in Tehran.

She underlined that those who had placed Iran under sanctions should be held accountable to the international community according to the basic policies of humanity and the contents of the human rights charter.

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