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IOF clashes with demonstrators in Bilin

Dozens of protestors suffered breathing difficulties on Friday when IOF troops used teargas to disperse their weekly peaceful demonstrations to protest the building of the Apartheid wall and confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank.

IOF troops violently quelled the demonstrations at Nabi Saleh to the south west of Ramallah, Ma’sarah near Bethlehem, Nelin and Belin.

Member of the Popular Committee to Resist the Wall, Muhammad al-Tamimi said that the IOF troops fired teargas towards Palestinians protesting on their own land which the settlers are trying to takeover by force, resulting in dozens suffering breathing difficulties.

In Nilin, the residents held the Friday prayers on their fields which are threatened with confiscation. The Imam who lead the prayers stressed that it was important for Palestinians to unite their ranks to confront Zionist plans to Judaize Jerusalem and stop any popular resistance to occupation schemes.

As the protestors reached the gate, the IOF soldiers fired rubber coated bullets and teargas canisters at protestors and chased them back into the village, assaulted and tried to arrest a number of them.

In Bilin IOF troops clashed with protestors who were trying to reach their fields which are threatened with confiscation, resulting in an international sympathiser being hit in the arm by a teargas canister in addition to dozens of cases of difficulty in breathing.

Furthermore, the Popular Committee to Resist the Wall in Bilin met today with two delegations from Italy and Germany and briefed them on the Bilin experience of popular resistance over the past five and a half years, the achievements of the committee and the active role played by international sympathisers.

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