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Iran able to meet Pakistan’s energy demand: Imran Khan

Pakistani PM considered the geographical location of his country to be dependent on regional lasting peace and security and said Pakistan's energy needs are possible to be met through the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During his speech at the inaugural meeting of the two-day “Islamabad Security Dialogue Forum” on Wednesday, Imran Khan added: “Without peace and security in the region, it is impossible to achieve economic goals and enjoy the strategic position of the country.”

“Afghanistan peace is also important for the security of regional communications, especially for the trade route from China to Pakistan to Central Asia through Afghanistan,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is in our neighborhood as a source of energy through which Pakistan’s energy needs can be met.”

The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline, also known as the Peace pipeline, or IP Gas, is an under-construction 2,775-kilometre (1,724 mi) pipeline to deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan.

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