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Iran Allocates 20% of Annual Budget to Coronavirus Battle

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said 20% of the country’s annual budget has been allocated for the fight against the coronavirus, adding that the health system is strong and well-equipped despite the country being under the foreign sanctions.

Speaking at a session of the Coronavirus Battle National Headquarters on Saturday, Rouhani said 1,000 billion rials, namely one-fifth of this year’s budget has been earmarked for the efforts to contain COVID-19.

“It might be surprising for the world (to see) how a country under sanctions has managed to have well-equipped hospitals and spirited medics and nurses.”

He added that despite difficulties and the pandemic, the Iranian society is calm in general, stressing that it is because all related bodies, including the ministries of Health, Roads and Urban Development, Industries, Mines and Trade, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Oil and Energy have been working hard to make sure people’s needs are supplied and the Armed Forces have also been contributing to the efforts.

The president went on to say that Iran’s health infrastructure is so strong that it has done its job well in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and will be capable of coping with a possible escalation in coronavirus cases as well.

Iran has been using all its resources to fight the coronavirus despite the fact that US sanctions have hampered the government’s access to certain medicines and medical gear.

Authorities have ordered weeks-long closure of schools and universities while banning gatherings and religious events across the country.

On Friday, the Health Ministry said the total number of coronavirus infections in the country reached 32,332.

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