Iran Armed Forces ready to give harsh response to any aggression: Cmdr.



A senior commander with the General Staff of the Armed Forces said on Friday that Iran’s Armed Forces are keeping a close watch on the borders and will render a harsh response to enemies in case of any possible aggression.

Brigadier General Mohammad Alavi said that the air drills staged in central province of Isfahan over the past few days have demonstrated just part of the capabilities of the Iranian Armed Forces, the Air Force in particular.

He said that the message of the drills ‘for Iran’s friendly countries is peace and friendship while it serves as a deterrent to the enemies.’

Iran’s Air Force has reached a degree of preparedness that can ‘hit the targets with pinpointing accuracy and can destroy any targets with smart and upgraded weapons produced by Iranian experts,’ the commander said.

He added that Iran’s Armed Forces is ready to easily face any possible threats.

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