Iran arrests man spying for UK MI6


Iran has arrested a spy in the southeastern city of Kerman working for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), says a local official.

The spy was apprehended after months of “complicated intelligence activity,” said Head of Kerman’s Revolution Court Dadkhoda Salari.

He had contacted 11 times with British intelligence agents both inside and outside Iran, and passed information to them, Salari said.

The man also received advice from the MI6 to act against Iran’s interests, Salari pointed out.

The spy had made contacts with four British intelligence officers and had been asked to collect the intelligence they needed, said judicial official

The spy, who is on trial, has pleaded guilty, said Salari.

In 1953, Britain’s secret service, MI6, and the CIA organized a coup to remove the then Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, reinstalling and supporting the brutal regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi until its collapse in 1979.

The CIA has published a document for the first time after six decades confirming Washington’s role in the British- and American-backed military overthrow of the Mosaddeq administration.

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