Iran Awaiting ‘Practical Action’ Not ‘Empty Promise’: Qalibaf

The incomplete empty promise of lifting the sanctions does not meet the needs of the Iranian nation, and Iran’s people and officials are waiting for practical actions, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament said.

Americans should know that Iran’s main strategy for lifting sanctions is to nullify sanctions, said Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf on Sunday.

He went on to say that following Iran’s measure to revive its nuclear industry, it is up to Americans to lift sanctions on Iran in a practical and complete way.

The incomplete empty promise of lifting the sanctions does not meet the needs of the Iranian nation, he said, adding that the Iranian people and officials are waiting for practical action to lift the sanctions.

Fortunately, the parliament’s new law on lifting sanctions changed the unilateral game in favor of Iran, he said, explaining that today if sanctions remain in place, this will lead to the progress of Iran’s nuclear industry.

Parliament welcomes Iran-China cooperation

Elsewhere in his remarks, he spoke about the strategic document signed between Iran and China, saying, “If the signing of this document means a declaration of belief that the world is not limited to the West and the next century is the century of Asia, it is a strategic step and we welcome this move.”

The signing of this document is an important warning to the United States that international relations are changing rapidly to the detriment of this country and the Americans are no longer in a status to impose a model, program, or agreement unilaterally on independent countries, he added.

First of all, this document must be turned into real economic and political projects, programs, and collaborations while preserving national interests, he said and added, “Secondly, the plan of upgrading relations to a strategic level should be designed and implemented with other countries, especially neighbors.”

Despite the importance of the current strategic document, it should be noted that this document is currently a general roadmap in Iran-China relations, he said.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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