Iran: Calls for Military Intervention in Syria Outside UNSC Will Cost Very Dearly

Speaker of Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani warned against many countries’ attempts seeking military intervention in Syria outside the UN Security Council, adding that the repercussions of such behavior will reach the neighboring countries.

In a statement to al-Alam TV channel on Sunday, Larijani said that the calls by many countries inside the region and abroad for military intervention in Syria will cost very dearly.

He added that military intervention in Syria will not achieve calm, rather it will turn the country into a conflict stage between all forces and the Syrian people will be greatly affected.

Larijani stressed that Syria is the axis of resistance and the countries which seek sabotaging Syria don’t seek realistic reforms but they try to seize the opportunity to eliminate the axis of resistance.

He indicated to the impressive reaction of these countries towards the explosion which hit the National Security HQ in Damascus as the US, Britain and other western countries did not condemn this terrorist act, instead of that they expressed relief that it is time to change the government in Syria and take serious steps at the UN Security Council.

Larijani underscored certain points made by western officials which indicated that the terrorist explosion of the National Security HQ in Damascus was planned to refer the Syrian file to the UNSC.

For the US, not all terrorist acts are bad and since the terrorist operations taking place in Damascus came in line with their will, they are good, said Larijani.

He added that many Gulf countries which lack the minimum standards of democracy are still supplying the armed terrorist groups in Syria with money and arms.

It is a must in any state to achieve security before making political reforms, said Larijani, adding that after one year and a half of what is happening in Syria, it seems clear that these countries which call for freedom and democracy have other goals and they are not interested in the aspirations of the Syrian people. He expressed belief that if security restored in Syria, reforms will be achieved in Syria but they leave no room for such thing to happen.

He added that the opposition in Syria is not stable and it consists of different parties, indicating that the instigation by some countries prevented the launch of dialogue between the government and the opposition.

Larijani stressed Iran’s readiness to provide help if the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, succeeded in holding dialogue with the opposition members.

It is Iran’s duty to defend the Islamic Nation, said Larijani, adding that after one year and a half, everything was revealed and the involvement of Israel, the US and some countries in the region to eliminate the resistance rather than ssympathy with the Syrian people was exposed.

Larijani considered the Israeli threats against Syria as inapplicable, stressing that the involvement of the Israeli entity in such circumstances is not a possibility.

Salehi Reiterates Calls for Resolving Syrian Crisis Through Dialogue

In a statement to al-Aalam news channel on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi reiterated calls for resolving the crisis in Syria through dialogue, affirming that Tehran is prepared to host dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition.

He said that Syrian has seen enough destruction, murder and terrorism, hoping that the opposition which rejects these horrible acts to convene and Iran and enter talks with the Syrian government, which has already announced readiness for this.

Salehi also noted that there are many attempts by western countries to further complicate matters in the Syrian issue.

Abdollahian: US and Its Allies Adopting New Model in Their War on Syria

Deputy Foreign Minister for African and Arab Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian affirmed that the US and its allies are adopting a new model in their war on Syria, stressing that terrorism and arming terrorist will not avail them.

In a statement, Abdollahian said that the option of war and arming terrorists will not solve the current crisis, and that the optimal choice is the political solution, adding that continuing the foreign interference in Syria will create a state of instability and lack of security that will spread across the entire region.

He said that the global alliance now targeting Syria has been defeated before in their war on Lebanon, and that it’s certain that it will face another major defeat in their terrorist war against Syria.

Abdollahian also reiterated his country’s support for the Syrian people and the reforms undertaken by the Syrian leadership.

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