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Iran cmdr. guarantees US shame in ME

Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces warns Western military analysts and chiefs against attacking the Middle East to avoid “humiliation” over their “unwise” move.

“We advise American, British and Israeli commanders and analysts against another unwise act in order to avoid [future] humiliation and distress over failures in the Middle East because in this case they would have to pay a heavy price,” the Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan said Wednesday.

“Americans can be certain that in the event of a ground, naval or aerial attack against our country, they will be faced with a crushing and decisive response which will be much more fatal and crushing than their initial act [of aggression],” Mehr News Agency quoted the commander as saying.

General Pourdastan’s warning followed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s exclusive interview with Press TV on Monday, in which he revealed US and Israeli plans to attack two countries in the Middle East within the next three months.

“First of all, [by attacking Iran’s neighbors], they want to hamper Iran’s progress and development since they are opposed to our growth, and secondly they want to save the Zionist regime (Israel) because it has reached a dead-end and the Zionists believe they can be saved through a military confrontation,” Ahmadinejad explained.

Pourdastan said that the increase in moral corruption, desertion and suicide among American forces deployed near the Iranian borders “attests to the failure and lack of discipline in the US military.”

The commander said that the military had become one of the top ranking forces in the world due to its state-of-the-art military equipment and various drills.

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