Iran Cmdr.:Iran will seize back assets from Great Satan

A senior Iranian commander has censured the blocking of Iran’s assets by the US as “economic terrorism” and reaffirmed Tehran’s determination to seize its national wealth back by all means necessary.

“If it takes 50 years, we will take back the frozen assets in the US even if by force,” said Deputy Commander of Iran’s Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri on Tuesday.

“The blocking of the assets of the Islamic Republic of Iran is economic terrorism and financial theft in which, unfortunately, the US is adroit like in other forms of terrorism and physical elimination of human beings,” he added.

The Iranian commander noted that the US must be gullible to imagine that it has looted Iran’s assets permanently, adding, “They should be sure that we will seize back our assets from the Great Satan.”

“It will not take long before the tables are turned to Iran’s interests and the evil regime of the US will have to give many times more than Iran’s frozen assets back [to the Islamic Republic] and the American people should take note of this issue,” Jazayeri pointed out.

The commander made the remarks in response to a recent legislation by the US House of Representatives which ratified additional embargoes against Iran on August 1.

The bill also denies visas to and freezes assets of individuals and companies that supply Iran with certain technologies and equipment.

The motion comes on top of previous US measures over the past 33 years aimed at continued freeze of Iran’s assets in the United States.

For more than three decades, all US presidents have agreed every year to extend the order to freeze the Iranian assets.

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