Iran Commander: Tehran will Continue Sending Naval Fleets to Russia

Iran Commander

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Gholam-Reza Khadem Bigham said Saturday that Iran will continue dispatching more naval fleets to Russia.

Khadem pointed to the recent dispatch of an Iranian naval fleet to the Russian port city of Astrakhan and said, “We should expect the continuation of the process and the sending of other naval groups.”

In late June, Iran sent two indigenously-manufactured missile-launching warships, Joshan (Armor) and Peikan (Arrow), for the first time to Astrakhan Port.

The measure was aimed at consolidating the amicable ties between Iran and Russia and conveying Tehran’s message of peace and friendship to the Caspian Sea littoral states.

Admiral Khadem also pointed to the manufacturing of Iran’s newest submarine, Fateh (Victor).

Fateh is currently being manufactured by Iran’s Defense Ministry and will be delivered to the Navy in the upcoming months, he pointed out.

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