Iran hangs two convicted terrorists, one felon

Iran has hanged three people, two convicted terrorists and one convicted felon, in two separate cases involving years of prosecution and investigation into their crimes.

The sentences were carried out on Sunday in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, located in the country’s extreme southeast bordering Pakistan, the province’s Justice Administration Office announced in a statement.

The statement said legal proceedings had been underway against the two terrorists and the felon since 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The two terrorists, identified as Hassan Dehvari and Elias Qalandarzehi, had been arrested early in 2015 at their safe house, which they used to store explosive materials, weapons, firearms and C-4 explosives.

They were also found in possession of written material belonging to a Takfiri terrorist group, including bomb-making instructions and extremist content.

The duo had been convicted on multiple charges, including abductions, bombings, transferring abductees to other terrorists, assassination of law enforcement forces, murder of civilians, transferring explosive materials from neighboring Pakistan to Sistan and Baluchestan, and implementing logistical operations on behalf of Takfiri terrorists.

The armed offender, named Omid Mahmoudzehi, was also convicted on multiple charges, including accessory to murder, kidnapping, afflicting grievous bodily harm, armed robbery and possession of a firearm.

The province has been playing an unwilling host to terrorism and other crimes, many of which have been attributed to Pakistan-based terror outfits.

The Islamic Republic has vowed to chase back criminals into the Pakistani soil, and urged Islamabad to both root out the sinister outfits in the border area and prevent the spillover of their activities into Iran.

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