Iran has become armament Exporter

c86b4ba17aa83b88f145352ec1d828b6_LIran’s Minister of Defence Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran after the revolution has become an advanced arms exporting country.

According to IRIB World Service quoting FNA, in a ceremony held on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution in Tehran stressed, “Today, Iran is one of the advanced states in technologic level and needs no foreign help in this field.”
Brigadier General Dehghan stating that the Islamic revolution of Iran cannot be compared with any other revolution in history added, “This revolution has several achievements including freedom and independence as well as economic and technologic progresses for Iran and has been able to establish a system based on the nation’s will.”
The Iranian defence minister also called humiliation of hegemonic system as another achievement of the Islamic revolution and reiterated, “The superpowers can no more dictate their policies whenever they wish; in the current situation they are rather trying to preserve themselves.”
Dehghan also referred to the military threats of some American officials against Iran and stressed: “The Iranian nation has proved many times that it will not compromise with any hegemonic system and has the spirit of combatting,” adding “Americans should know that any invasion of Iran will not have a good ending for them.”

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