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Iran & Hezbollah in the Bosnia war, 1992-1995


Iran & Hezbollah in the Bosnia war, 1992-1995
Wait a Minute! -Are Bosnians Shias?

For those who call Iran & Hezbollah to be sectarian: The Founder of IRI has clearly said, where ever an oppressed calls us, we will help.

●Iran was one of the very first Muslim countries to provide support for besieged Bosnians Sunni Muslim (predominantly that ascribe to the Hanafi school of thought) .
●Iran supplied two-thirds of the total received in weapons and ammunition by the Bosnian Muslim forces during the 1992-95 War.

●From May, 1994 to January, 1996, lran transported over 5,000 tons of weapons and military equipment to Bosnia.
●Iran not only send much needed supplies but also fighters.
●Hezbollah had also its fighters in the Bosnian war.

●Robert Baer, a CIA agent stationed in Sarajevo during the war, later claimed that, “In Sarajevo, the Bosnian Muslim government is a client of the lranians…… If it’s a choice between the CIA and the Iranians, they’ll take the lranians any day. ”
●By war’s end, public opinion polls showed some 86% of the Bosnian Muslim population expressed a positive attitude towards Iran.

●According to some US NGO reports, there were also several hundred Iranian Revolutionary Guards assisting the Bosnian government during the war. ●Hezbollah fighters joined the ranks of the Bosnian Muslims.
●These were however mainly required for duties requiring close combat engagements, simply because their skill and experience was too valuable to be wasted in other less complicated duties.

●Iran played a vital role in the Bosnian war against the fanatic Serbs.
●Iran stood with the oppressed Muslims of Bosnia in the conflict and provided them with their needs. ●Ayatullah Jannati, the aide of Supreme Leader Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei along with the commanders of Qods Brigade, Brigadier General Hossein Allah were seen several times in the affected areas.

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