Iran Inaugurates Tens of Transportation Projects

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday inaugurated dozens of transportation and urban development projects.

President Rouhani inaugurated 99 transportation and urban development projects via videoconference today.

Two subway stations in Tehran, four subway stations in Tabriz, a number of projects in Mashhad, and several projects in Isfahan, and Shiraz are among the projects that opened.

He also inaugurated a 200-ton incineration power plant in Noshahr in Northern Iran.

The waste-burning plant will burn 200 tons of waste to produce three megawatts of electricity. Building of the facility started nine years ago and was to be finished in two years, but oppressive sanctions prolonged the process for nine years.

President Rouhani had also in November inaugurated a giant project to transfer desalinated water from the Persian Gulf to the Central provinces of the country.

President Rouhani in a ceremony inaugurated the first phase of a project to desalinate and transfer water from the Persian Gulf to the Central areas of the country.

The first phase of the project is capable of desalinating and transferring nearly 200,000 cubic meters of water in 24 hours. The water will fulfill part of the needs of industries and residential areas in the Central and Southeastern provinces

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