Iran, Iraq securities integrated


Iran’s Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Firouzabadi has criticized western coalition against ISIL as a pretext for more intervention in Iraq.
On the sideline of Iranian Armed Forces’ march on the occasion of the Sacred Defense week, the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firuzabadi, attended a press conference to answer questions of journalists.

In regard to his evaluation of the western coalition against ISIL, Maj. Gen. Hassan Firuzabadi said “the Leader has already announced Iran’s stance on this issue which sees this coalition as a great plot in the region.”

He maintained that Iran’s armed forces have had a lot of progress in various aspects and are vigilant and fully-prepared.

“Today, the US and its allies are trying more than ever to intervene in the regional issues in order to have more dominance over Iraq and Syria,” he stated. “They have created ISIL to disrepute Islam and bully other countries.”

“To counter ISIL, there will be no need for the presence of Iranian troops in Iraq,” he assured, “ISIL, either, does not possess that much of training and weaponry to necessitate foreign aid for Iraqi army and militia.”

He went on saying that “Iraqi army and militia managed to counter ISIL during the battle of Amerli, and the achievement of this operation was just as significant as the liberation of Khorramshahr.”

“If certain countries would cease their support for ISIL, Iraqi army and militia could eliminate this terrorist group once and for ever,” he asserted.

In regard to Iran’s aid in the fight against ISIL, he said, “there are thousand kilometers of border between Iran and Iraq, and we consider Iraq’s security as our own, therefore we will continue our support as an advisor and by transferring technology.”

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