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Iran, Iraq Vow to Broaden Health Cooperation

Iran's Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi and Iraqi Health Minister Hassan Mohammed al-Tamimi in a meeting in Baghdad stressed the need for widening mutual cooperation in the health sector.

During the meeting in the Iraqi capital on Thursday, both officials agreed to reopen all Iraqi borders with Iran twice a week for commercial exchanges.

They also discussed the issue of granting entrance permission for the Iranian companies and agreed talks be held between the two sides on the issue of managing cooperation at high levels, specially the coronavirus situation.

The Iraqi minister said that the health situation in Iraq is now such that it has made it impossible for pilgrims to travel to the holy shrines.

Over the past month since the formation of the Al-Kadhimi government, Masjedi has met with the new prime minister, interior, defense, transportation, labor and social affairs, finance, higher education and oil ministers to help strengthen political, economic, cultural and social ties between Iran and Iraq.

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