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Iran never shies away from defending its borders: Cmdr.

Emphasizing that Iran never shies from defending its borders, Deputy Commander of Iran Army Air Defense Force said that any attack on country’s airspace will be harshly responded.

Brigadier General Alireza Elhami Deputy Commander of Iran Army Air Defense Force made the remarks on Wednesday and reiterated that country’s Army Air Defense is ready to deal with any violation of enemies to the airspace of the country decisively.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proven in practice that it has no compliments with anyone in the world to defend its borders and airspaces, he said, adding that any attack on borders of Islamic Iran will be responded harshly.

Benefited from the most experienced and competent manpower, Iran’s Army Air Defense Force is in its utmost readiness to counter any attack on its airspace using the most modern warfare equipment and weapons, Brigadier General Elhami emphasized.

Regarding some claims related to the enemy’s infiltration into the country’s airspace, he noted, “There has been no problem for our sensitive and vital centers so far, so that Iran Army Air Defense Forces is fully prepared to deal with any violation of its airspace.”

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