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Iran: no concern over refueling planes

Despite the recent anti-Iran sanctions, Iran Air’s chairman says the carrier has no problem in supplying airplane fuel in European airports.

“There were some problems that caused trouble for Iran Air for 20 days,” Farhad Parvaresh said on Sunday, adding that the company nevertheless continued its flights over Europe by supplying fuel from other sources.

Parvaresh said now most of the European airports offer fuel to Iranian airplanes.

In July, the US imposed new unilateral sanctions against Iran aimed at preventing Tehran access to imports of refined oil products.

There were reports that Britain and Germany refused to provide fuel for Iranian passenger planes following US unilateral sanctions. The reports were later denied.

Germany’s Transport Ministry was quoted by Reuters as saying that the refueling of Iranian planes was not banned under European Union or United Nations sanctions and that a future ban of this order was not foreseeable.

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