Human Rights

Iran parliament voices indignation at massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) in a statement Sunday expressed indignation at mass killing of Muslims in Myanmar.

Some 232 members of the Majlis signed the statement, condemning mass killing of innocent people in Myanmar.

They said that the crimes uncovered the real aims of Imperialism and the so-called advocates of the human rights that are serving their own interests.

Meanwhile, the parliamentarians also condemned the western governments meddling in the internal affairs of Syria.

The statement stressed that it is not the first time that the freedom-seeking people are witnessing the hegemonic powers and its affiliated bodies kept silent on the genocide and terrorist operations around the world.

The Iranian Majlis called on the international bodies to take due stands on the anti-human measures.

The members of parliament also called on the international organizations to attach importance to the Muslims’ demands in Myanmar and make efforts to solve Syrian crisis through diplomacy.

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