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Iran pioneer in seizing opium

A new UN report has lauded Iran for its fight against narcotics and drug trafficking, ranking Iran as a country with the largest opiate seizure.

The report released Thursday by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said opiate seizures continue to increase while the largest seizures are from the countries neighboring Afghanistan, notably the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan.

The World Drug Report 2010, which deals with global developments in illicit drug production, trafficking, and consumption, says both opium and heroin seizures continued to increase in 2008.

“Most of the opium seizures continue to be made in the Islamic Republic of Iran, neighboring Afghanistan. The global rise in opium seizures thus largely reflected the growing opium seizures made by the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the report said.

The UNODC report also hails Iran’s efforts to hinder heroin trafficking from Afghanistan, noting that most of the heroine dispatched from Afghanistan to West Europe proceeds overland along the so-called ‘Balkan Route’, transiting Iran, Turkey and the countries of the South-East Europe.

“Between them, Iran and Turkey were responsible for more than half of all heroine seized globally in 2008,” the report said.

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