Iran produces a copy of the American Hellfire missile

The famous American AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missile was successfully copied by the Islamic Republic of Iran, a new report revealed.

The Hellfire missile is a weapon made for AH-64 Apache, AH-1Z Viper and OH-58 Kiowa helicopters, as well as MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper attack drones.

The new copy, known as Ghaem-114, is currently on display at the Tehran Exhibition of Promising Achievements and Developments for the Navy.

Military expert Yuri Lyamin noted that the presence of such weapons became known in February of this year, when missiles were observed in photos of one of the upgraded Bell-214A helicopters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. But then it viewed from afar, and now can already see them up close, according to the newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Judging by the photo, the four missiles presented have different guidance heads: thermal, television, semi-active laser, and active radar, as it is assumed. If Iran does indeed succeed in recreating the fourth option, capable of operating with the principle of “shoot and forget”, then this could be considered a major achievement of the Islamic Republic’s military industry.

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