Iran produces high-pressure capsules

IMG15333321 An Iranian scientist managed to build high-pressure capsule to be used by pilots in case of emergency situations.
Ali Akbar Habiba, a researcher in Danesh Bonyan Institute in Pardis Technology Park said, “high-pressure capsules are used by pilots on airplanes or helicopters to extinguish fire at the shortest possible time. “

“Other uses of this device is during emergency landing when it can perform as a boat on water just by pressing a button,” he explained. “Another use of high-pressure capsules could be raising antenna to provide the pilots with wireless contact with headquarters, which can be done by triggering a button on this device.”

“High-pressure capsules can be installed on any airplanes and will make the country self-sufficient in producing this product,” he stated.

He noted that high-pressure capsules are among the completely boycotted goods and said, “despite its small dimensions, these devices have pressure higher than a bomb. They cost nearly one-fifth of the ones made abroad, thus highly economical.”

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