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Iran publishes decrypted RQ170 surveillance videos

Iran publishes decrypted RQ170 surveillance videos

The Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force whose unit brought down the RQ170, the US spy drone last year, said; “some people believe at the time that the US will drop some forces inside Iran to destroy the remains of the downed RQ170 drone.”
Brigadier   Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said; “others believed that the US would have air strike to destroy its downed drone, but our assessment was that they will not drop commandoes to expose them to possible capture and they will not do that.”

He continued; “If they [the US] would have sent their commandoes with the precautions that had been thought of, they would have been captured and created a bigger problems for the US, therefore we did not rejected the possibility of an airstrike.”

The Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force added; “there was about 10 to 15 percent probability that this would happen, so we had put all our missile bases on alert, so if they were to move, we would immediately have bombed their regional bases.”

Hajizadeh referred to decrypted data from the RQ170 spy drone and said; “After we decrypted the data from the memories of the aircraft, we realized that this aircraft had a lots of flights on regional countries and was directing many of the Pakistan’s fighting, we also found out that RQ170 technologies are so advanced and are similar to B2 and F-35 with stealth technology.”

He told the audience that the RQ170 were flying from Afghanistan and said; “the RQ170 was in a base, 420 Km form Iranian boarders, where also station the MQ drones series as well, and they do most of the bombing mission on Afghanis and Pakistanis from this base.”


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