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Iran ready to probe into ‘assassination plot’ in case of goodwill on Danish side - Islamic Invitation Turkey

Iran ready to probe into ‘assassination plot’ in case of goodwill on Danish side

Speaking to IRNA on Wednesday, Bahram Ghasemi strongly rejected Denmark’s allegations against Iran about a supposed assassination plot, voicing Iran’s strong objection to any violent and terrorist act.

He added that Iran itself is a victim of terrorism and has paid a high price in fighting terrorism and violence; “furthermore, the EU and other European countries are our major partners,” he said.

Ghasemi noted that talks between Iran and EU on the establishment of a financial mechanism has achieved good results so far, and certain solutions for maintaining cooperation between the two sides are about ot be finalized and put into effect.

“The US, the Israeli regime and a few states in the region do not approve of these talks, and seek to push Iran-EU relations into a dead-end,” Ghasemi added.

He then censured Denmark for accusing Iran without first providing any evidence or holding a trial, saying such a move is against friendly ties and all known legal and judicial regulations.

He further called on the relevant Danish authorities, which have had very good relations with Iran, to consider the case very closely and impartially, and not to allow those elements which are against the expansion of relations between Iran and EU to succeed in realizing their predetermined destructive scenarios.

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