Iran repels a new cyber attack

Iran repels a new cyber attack An Iranian official says a destructive internet virus has targeted computers at several industrial sites in the southern province of Hormozgan, but the malware was detected before it could inflict serious damage to the system.
Ali Akbar Akhavan, head of the Hormozgan branch of the Passive Defense Organization, said on Tuesday that in recent months the Stuxnet computer virus had targeted many sites in Hormozgan province but was repelled and thus further damage was prevented.

Recently, a number of times enemies attacked the Bandar Abbas Tavanir Company, a power producer in Hormozgan, and some other industrial units in the province with Stuxnet, he said, adding that with timely measures and the cooperation of skilled computer experts, the progress of this virus was halted.

Akhavan stated that it is not like the olden times when the enemies used to launch wars using fighter jets and missiles to destroy the military bases of other countries, rather they are launching cyber wars using computer viruses to disrupt infrastructure and sensitive military systems of a country.

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