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Iran resistant to foreign attacks


Following comments by Western governments about Iran’s presidential election, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the Iranian establishment has become resistant against the continuous meddling of foreign powers.

“The reality is that the Islamic establishment in the course of events in the past thirty years and as a result of resistance against unprecedented, wide-ranging, constant attacks launched by propaganda, media, political and security powers has become a powerful system immune to [such attacks],” Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Wednesday.

The Leader described enemy plots against Iran as an irrefutable reality and pointed to the fact that those involved in such conspiracies would not realize the true nature of their actions.

Imam Khamenei urged the nation to engage in logical debates to pick the finest of thoughts and speeches but warned against getting carried away by such activities or enemy encouragements.

“[If this matter takes place] one should await incidents and unrest [in the country] as such was the case of the unrest before the election which led to the unrest after the election, particularly when foreign hands were at work as well,” the Leader warned.

Imam Khamenei explained that in the case of Iran’s presidential election, the election itself and the massive turnout were the most essential matters and other issues were only “marginal”.

The Leader slammed efforts to cast doubts on the presidential election as a great offense and criticized the reckless disregard of certain figures for the gravity of this matter.

“On the day after the Election Day certain people described this great election as a lie without proof; is that a minor offense?” the Leader questioned.

Imam Khamenei said the enemy took advantage of this situation and with the support of certain figures inside the country, who opposed an Islamic establishment from the very beginning, set the sequence of events following the election in motion.

Explaining about certain issues which had taken place behind closed doors, the Leader said in the early hours after the election a confidential message from his part was sent to ‘directing elements’ of the unrest.

“I sent them a message in the very early hours after the election, saying that it is possible that you might be the igniters of matters which others would take advantage of…you would not be able to control the issue and that is exactly what happened,” Imam Khamenei said in his meeting with the country’s scholars.

The Leader also took a hit at measures to cross out age-old slogans against Israel and the United States, questioning the motive behind such acts.

Imam Khamenei urged those who enter the political stage to be wary of the consequences of their moves, saying they “should be aware of the rival’s next move like a professional chess player.”

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