“Iran sanctions hinder scientific progress”

361636_NEW YORK

The laboratory where Eric Lerner and his associates at the Focus Fusion Society do their research is located in Middlesex, New Jersey.
Lerner believes his research on the concept of Fusion has the potential to change the world as we know it, eliminating fossil fuels, with a new source of energy. While Lerner and his associates have very few people assisting their research in the US, Lerner is happy to be collaborating with scientist in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Lerner hopes that joint projects of scientific research can strengthen friendship and cooperation between the US and Iran, and break down the hostility between the two countries. The US government has cut off all support to Lerner’s research, forcing him to raise money from private contributors, through the crowdfunding website “Indygogo.” Lerner has said that the continued unilateral sanctions on Iran have made his work far more difficult. At one point, the US government attempted to make publishing the research papers of Iranian scientists illegal. Lerner is hopeful that the sanctions can be lifted, so this important research can continue much more rapidly.

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