Iran says will pick best trade partners













Iran says it will from now on pick and choose its trade partners , adding that it does not want an expected opening of its doors to investors in a post-sanctions period to lead to excessive imports of foreign goods.

“Our conditions today are different from the past,” Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht, Iran’s government spokesman, has told reporters.

“In the post-sanctions period, we are not forced to deal with only a handful of countries. Rather, there are various businesses [that are interested to enter the Iranian market] and we have the power to choose the best,” he added.

Nobakht further emphasized that many things have changed compared to the past when companies and countries treated Iran “from the position of exclusivity”.

He said there were even countries that implemented restrictions in trading with Iran that were tougher than what the sanctions required over the years that Tehran has been subject to what officials have occasionally referred to as a cruel regime of bans.

“The countries that had been calling for implementing tougher sanctions on Iran are today overtaking each other in a rush to Tehran in search for business opportunities,” Nobakht has been quoted as saying by IRNA news agency.

“But they should realize that Iran will pursue its own interests.”

The official further emphasized that European trade delegations that plan to visit Iran should first inform the country whether they can answer three essential demands.

They should make it clear how far they can answer Iran’s investment as well as technology needs in areas that Tehran desires as well as how they can help Iran market its non-oil export products.

“We never get overexcited about the arrival of any trade delegation,” Nobakht said. “We have the power to choose [the best]”.

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