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Iran seeks to break through US blockade to deliver fuel to Venezuela

According to the ship tracking data issued by Refinitiv Icon, at least one fuel tanker in the port of Bandar Abbas is sailing towards Venezuela in violation of the sanctions imposed on the two countries.

According to the data, the medium tanker ‘Clafel’ crossed the Suez Canal on Wednesday after it was loaded with fuel at the end of March.

The same source added that four other ships of the same size, all flying the Iranian flag, were loaded with fuel in Bandar Abbas or near it, approaching the transit of the Atlantic Ocean after passing through the Suez Canal and none of them revealed their final destination.

It is noteworthy to point out that both Iran and Venezuela are subject to U.S. sanctions that include the oil industry, while Venezuela suffers from a suffocating crisis due to the shortage of gasoline.

The Venezuelan national oil company, and the Ministry of Oil, did not respond to Reuters’ questions about the delivery.

Two weeks ago, Iran made a similar trip to Syria, despite the fact that the Arab Republic is currently under similar sanctions as Venezuela.

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