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Iran standing by Lebanese people amid fuel crisis

Voicing Iran's support for Lebanese people in all areas, the Iranian envoy to Beirut said that clear results will soon be achieved regarding the fuel imports from Iran.

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Seyyed Mohammad Jalal Firuznia made the remarks in an interview with Al-Manar TV, saying, “Iran stands by the Lebanese people and is ready to help in all areas.”

“Regarding the fuel imports from Iran to Lebanon, clear results will soon be achieved”, the Iranian envoy said.

This comes as Lebanon is struggling with a severe fuel crisis, and Hezbollah has been proposing to buy fuel from Iran in Lebanon for months.

Recently, the Hezbollah chief also indicated that the Lebanese authorities have failed to address the fuel oil crisis in Lebanon and abandoned the people suffering at the gas stations, highlighting the role of greedy oil firms and those who were involved in enhancing the black market trade.

Stressing that hoarding gasoline in the residential areas is a criminal act, Nasrallah stressed that seizing oil trucks, as committed by some citizens, is religiously forbidden.

Meanwhile, Nasrallah confirmed Hezbollah will certainly bring the Iranian fuel oil, adding that Iran’s leadership informed him about its readiness to provide any kind of help.

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