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Iran stresses on Palestinian right to have an independent state

Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations underlined the right of Palestinians to return to their motherland and have an independent and all-inclusive state.

Mohammad Khazaei was speaking in a meeting at the United Nations on Tuesday in which the situation in the Middle East was being discussed.
Referring to Palestinians’ recent request for a full membership of Palestine at the United Nations, Khazaei said the United States has 46 times vetoed UN resolutions against the Zionist regime and UNSC passive response has encouraged the regime to pursue its inhuman policies with further brazenness.
He added, ‘The international community want to know how they can enhance efforts to protect the Palestinians’ essential and inalienable rights, including the rights of returning to their motherland and establishing an independent and all-inclusive state in all Palestine, so that the membership of Palestine as a sovereign state at the United Nations is materialized.’
He then referred to the release of a large number of Palestinian prisoners in the past week and said the existing reports on the awful and inhuman conditions of more than 6,000 Palestinian prisoners are worrisome.
Khazaei also expressed concern over the actions of Zionist settlers in desecration of the mosques and burning the farms in Palestine and emphasized that the Zionist regime should be accountable for its illegal actions.
He called for immediate attention of the international community to the situation in the Occupied Territories.
Elsewhere in his speech, Khazaei expounded on Iran’s stance and said people’s uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa show need for change, adding that demands of these nations for independence, rule of law, democracy as well as their interest in Islamic values cannot be simply ignored.
He said the only way to exit the crisis and prevent violence in these countries is fulfilling peoples’ legal demands through peaceful political process without foreign interference.
On developments in Syria, Iran’s permanent representative said regarding internal conditions and geo-political situation of this country, any foreign interference or any effort to create disunity among this nation would endanger peace and stability in the region.
He added people of Syria have realized that their independence would be protected by unity and resistance against the occupation of the zionist regime.
Responding to baseless allegations of the zionist regime about Iran’s nuclear programme, Khazaei said the zionists try to deviate attention to their long and black record on committing numerous crimes, adding that the zionist regime, which has hundreds of atomic warheads, is the real nuclear threat in the region.
On the recent ridiculous accusations against Iran concerning assassination plot of an Islamic country ambassador in Washington, Khazaei said the whole story is fake and fabricated, adding the scenario has been designed with support of the zionist regime so that it can take advantage of it but it is evident that Iran, with a long history and civilization and with its Islamic culture, has never gotten and will never get involved in such worthless efforts, rather; a regime whose history does not exceed a few decades has an appalling record of terrorist actions in various fields.

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