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Iran to develop further defense technologies

A senior Iranian lawmaker has hailed the Islamic Republic’s ongoing military maneuvers, saying the country will be equipped with further defensive technology.

On Wednesday, the Spokesman of the Parliament (Majlis) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Kazem Jalali, praised the Great Prophet 6 drills, which were launched on Monday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken very long strides in the defense and military industries and God willing, in the future we will present newer missiles,” he said.

“Today, Iran enjoys good defensive capabilities and any ill-intended approach towards the country will receive a decisive, swift and bold response.”

On the first day of the exercises, Iran unveiled underground silos meant to protect the country’s missiles and fired Fateh (Conqueror)-110 medium-range ballistic missiles, which have been fitted with improved precision targeting.

On Tuesday, the military successfully launched 14 surface-to-surface missiles. The third day of the exercises coincided with the Armed Forces being equipped with the Ghadir radar system, which can monitor a radius of 1,100 and a height of 300 kilometers.

“One of the most important messages of this maneuver has been peace and friendship with the people and governments of the region and in fact this [points to] the synergy between the Muslim Ummah (nations) and regional countries and people.”

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