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Iran to respond to any threat quickly, decisively

Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces said that Iran does not seek to invade any country at a strategic level but at the operational and tactical level, it is ready for a swift and decisive response to any threats.

Major-General Mohammad Bagheri made the comments at the meeting of ambassadors and heads of missions of Iran to the neighboring countries, which was held at the Foreign Ministry on Monday, during which he touched upon the current historical and situation and developments in the region.

In his address to the meeting, General Bagheri said that Iran has enhanced its defense industry to a level that no power dares to encroach on Iran’s territory.

He explained more that despite absolute deterrence power of the country, Iran’s forces have never underestimated the enemies’ threat, and have the maximum preparedness and vigilance at the strategic level in accordance with the situation of the enemy.

He pointed to the downing of a giant US drone over the Persian Gulf and attacking the Ain Al-Assad Airbase in Iraq as two instances of Iran’s response to threats posed by the United States, describing them as good lessons for Iran’s enemies.

“We have never neglected the development of the country’s defense capabilities and deterrent power even for a second,” Bagheri cited.

He went on to say that maximum confidence building, de-escalating tensions, security and enhancing power are the main principles of Iran’s macro-defense strategies and policies, adding, Iran has prioritized strengthening and expanding defense and regional relations and cooperation with countries around the world, particularly the ones in Iran’s neighboring area.

Bagheri noted that given the capacities and capabilities of the armed forces and training of units of highly-trained forces, Iran is ready to participate in the peace-keeping missions in regional and transregional countries that are in war and tension.

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