Iran to stand by Iraq until victory: Jahangiri


Iran’s first vice president met with Iraqi PM in Tehran this morning and stressed that Iran would continue its support for Iraq against terrorist groups.
During a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Heidar al-Ebadi Tuesday morning, Iran’s first Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri said, “those countries which back the terrorist groups in Iraq will, undoubtedly, fall victim to them and the terrorist threats will not only be restricted to their targeted regions but will soon involve their own countries as well.”

Jahangiri stressed that Iran is confident that Iraq’s military force and people are capable enough to suppress ISIL on their own and assured that Iran nonetheless will stand by Iraq until they triumph over terrorism.

Jahangiri commended the complete formation of the Iraqi cabinet and said, “I am confident that with the Iraqi authorities’ policy, the Iraqi people will overcome the difficulties and achieve victory.”

The Iraqi PM, for his part, expressed satisfaction for having visited Tehran and said, “a number of economy-related ministers are accompanying me on this visit to strengthen and expand trade and economic relations between the two countries.”

Mr. al-Ebadi pointed to the serious challenges posed by the terrorist groups to Iraq and maintained, “these groups are trying to destroy the achievements our people have gained during the last eleven years. Iraq has been suffering from terrorist attacks over the last years, but the recent events are a little different in the sense that the clashes are not restricted to the terrorist groups only but we are involved in an extensive military conflict with them.”

Iraqi PM stressed that ISIL is not a threat to Iraq only and asserted, “this is a threat against everyone in the region and these terrorist groups are trying to create strife among Shias and Sunnis.”

“Iraq’s major problem at the moment is to confront the threat of terrorism, and we all must concentrate our efforts on countering terrorism,” stated the Iraqi PM.

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