Iran to UN mediator: Tehran backs any measure meant to halt violence in Syria

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council secretary says Tehran supports any move which can lead to a cessation of violence in Syria.
Saeed Jalili made the remarks in Tehran on Monday during a meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League mediator on Syria.
Jalili said democracy, respect to people’s demands, and elections based on “necessary standards” are the only solution to the Syrian crisis.
It is necessary that political dialogue replace violence in Syria, he noted, adding, “No individual group should be allowed to decide on behalf of the Syrian people.”
However, he said, it seems that certain groups oppose an institutionalization of democracy and the holding of elections in Syria because they intend to impose their will on the country under the slogan of supporting “the Syrian people’s interests”.
The Iranian security official went on to say that dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition groups “without any pre-conditions” would be “an important step” to restore calm in the country.
He added that in order to end violence in cities first of all the terrorist activities must be stopped and the shipment of arms to the country halted.
The top Iranian security official predicted that if people’s demands are not respected and democracy is not institutionalized in the country “we will witness and an upsurge in violence and instability beyond the borders of Syria which will affect the entire region.”
For his part, Brahimi called Iran’s stance on Syria “reasonable” and insisted on the need for a political solution to the 18-month conflict in Syria.
Brahimi, the former Algerian foreign minister, also said if the crisis in Syria is not brought under control, it will likely spread to the entire Middle Eastern region.

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